Sunday, 9 January 2011

Everything you need to know about Mw2 titles and emblems, How to get them and alot more!

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In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Prestige Mode is unlocked after both reaching and completing Level 70, the highest rank, unlike in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World At War, where the highest ranks are 55 and 65, respectively. Prestige Mode is also available for all systems, including the PC, which did not have it available in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The experience required from 1-70 (and to the point of being able to go into the Prestige mode) is 2,516,000.

The Badges in Modern Warfare 2 


Once the player enters Prestige Mode for the first time in Modern Warfare 2, they will be rewarded with a sixth custom class slot. The same occurs at every odd prestige level, so a total of five additional custom class slots can be unlocked by Prestige Level 9. In addition, any earned titles and emblems obtained before entering Prestige Mode are not lost. Players also unlock some Prestige challenges to level up faster and get some new call signs. There are also certain titles and emblems that can only be unlocked through Prestige Mode. The challenges unlocked through Prestige for each gun persist to the next Prestige level (the kills and headshots for each gun's Mastery and Veteran challenges do not reset). This exception also applies to the challenges in the Prestige category that deal with killstreaks (getting a certain number of kills with a specific killstreak reward).


If a player enters Prestige Mode in Modern Warfare 2, every unlocked weapon, killstreak, perk and challenge will be reset. (Prestige challenges, which are unlocked at 1st prestige, are not reset and will be collective across all prestiges except "Heads up!", "Knife Veteran" and ones below "Knife Veteran".)


  • Prestige 1: Extra Custom Class Slot (6 Total, custom slots become available at Level 4), New Emblem, New Title, "Prestige" Tier of Challenges, including Veteran and Master challenges for each weapon
  • Prestige 2: New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 3: Extra Custom Class Slot (7 Total), New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 4: New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 5: Extra Custom Class Slot (8 Total), New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 6: New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 7: Extra Custom Class Slot (9 Total), New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 8: New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 9: Extra Custom Class Slot (10 Total), New Emblem, New Title
  • Prestige 10: New Emblem, The Last Title

Prestige Titles

Prestige LevelTitle
Prestige 1File:The Prestige.jpg
Prestige 2File:Round2.jpg
Prestige 3File:ThirdTimeCharm.jpg
Prestige 4File:4 the Record.jpg
Prestige 5File:FiveSidedFistagon.jpg
Prestige 6File:6FeetUnder.jpg
Prestige 7File:Lucky7.jpg
Prestige 8File:HardEight.jpg
Prestige 9File:9Lives.jpg
Prestige 10File:Gold Prestige10.jpg

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